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SPONSORED: November's Northbrook Meathead of the Month: Glenbrook South's Omar Duran

12/10/2013, 10:45am CST
By Staff Report

Meatheads is a chain of fast-casual burger restaurants throughout the Chicagoland area. Each month, it recognizes a student-athlete in the area surrounding each location for his or her accomplishments on and off the field.

1. How do you exemplify Meatheads’ values of determination, hustle and hard work?

I think I exemplify those qualities of a Meathead athlete because throughout both seasons -- soccer and football -- I always gave it my all for my teammates. I never took a play off and I worked hard for my teammates and myself to be the best we could be in football and in soccer. Over the summer, I would work every day to make the season the best I could make it. I would put in extra time and do more then I was asked in order to be at my peak when my team needed me the most. During games no matter how tired I got or if I had gotten hit and my body would want to take a break, I would gut it out and keep fighting and keep going for my team. 

2. What were your greatest athletic and academic achievements over the last month?

The greatest accomplishment I achieved this past month was being named all-conference in soccer because it had been a goal of mine since I made varsity sophomore year. I was also able to reach 50-plus points this season in football for a total of 100-plus points between the last two seasons.

3. Is there a teammate, coach, faculty or family member you’d credit most with your athletic and academic successes?

All of my coaches have made a huge impact on me, but I owe a lot to Branden McGarrity. As a sophomore on the varsity soccer team, I was really lost but he took me under his wing and he befriended me. Spending a lot of time on the soccer field and the football field (both of us being placekickers), we grew a friendship. He overall was an amazing player that had the chance to play Division I soccer, and as a sophomore at that time, I looked up to him and admired him and wanted to be as good as him my senior year. Over summer, he would even help us train for the season to get better and be ready.

4. Where are you going to college, or where do you want to go? Do you plan on playing a sport there?

My top choice right now is Illinois, but I don’t think I would be able to play sports there. My other option is Illinois Wesleyan to play football, but I’m still looking into things.

5. Who is your favorite athlete playing today, collegiate or professional?

My favorite has to be Justin Tucker, the Baltimore Ravens kicker. I’ve been a Texas Longhorn fan for a long time and I remember him kicking the game-winning field goal two years ago on Thanksgiving to beat Texas A&M. I’ve also seen several interviews with him and I love how confident he is about what he does and how much he cares to become better. As a kicker, you need to have confidence and he shows he has more confidence than any other kicker.

6. What’s on your iPod right now?

I have a little bit of everything right now. I got stuff ranging from country to rap to hip-hop. I like all types of music, and I try to have a good variety.

7. What’s the best movie or television show you’ve seen recently?

I recently saw “Real Steel” for the first time and I liked it a lot. I liked how it was kind of futuristic boxing. I thought it was cool and there was nothing like it.

8. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

“Hopefully in 10 years I’ll be done with college and I would have found a job in business somewhere in the city.”

9. What is your favorite motivational quote?

My favorite quote is “earn the right.” I like this because it’s simple, but has a big meaning. Nothing in life is ever given to you. You have to earn and work for everything you get. So the more you work and the harder you work, the more you will get and the sweeter it will feel when you get it.

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