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“This [broken arm] is healing and it will heal. There are some people that are worrying and have over-exaggerated the injury. So to those people out there, they’re worrying about nothing,” Young 6-9 senior forward Paul White said. | Patrick

July was supposed to be the month when Paul White was going to convince everyone he deserved to be mentioned in the same breath as the nation’s best players. He was on his way after a couple of days at the high-profile Peach Jam on the EYBL circuit.

But after putting up big numbers and turning heads in three Peach Jam games, the skilled 6-9 forward broke his arm, ending his summer on the circuit.

Despite the setback, White says he didn’t stay down for long. In fact, he says shortly after the injury he decided he was going stay positive throughout the recovery period. He even called the injury a “blessing.”

“I didn’t dwell on it at all,” White said. “Really, I was over it the minute it happened. And ever since the surgery I have refused to get down about it at all.”

White says he has tried to turn the injury into a positive. He’s been doing everything left-handed, which he says has made his off-hand stronger. The injury has helped him re-focus on both the physical and mental aspects of being a player.

“It’s made me a stronger basketball player and person,” White said. “The injury has taught me so much. I’ve worked on my left, but I’ve also changed the way I do things and look at things. I’m working on my body and I’ve changed my diet. Mentally, it’s made me stronger.”

White has been bothered by some criticism stemming from the injury. He’s heard plenty of theories, including the notion that he will miss the season.

“This injury is healing and it will heal,” White said. “There are some people that are worrying and have over-exaggerated the injury. So to those people out there, they’re worrying about nothing.”

White likely will be back on the floor in October and cleared for full contact by November if the rehab stays on course.

His recruiting is coming together, as well. He has narrowed his list down to five schools, with Arizona, UConn, DePaul, Minnesota and Georgetown still in the hunt.

As many prospects do, White wants to find the right fit at the next level.

“Everyone wants to [get playing time], and that’s a main concern for me,” White said. “But I will look at a lot of different things. What kind of system do they play? Is it a system that I can be successful in? Is it a place where I will have a chance to really get better with the resources they have? I don’t want to take a risk. I want to make the right choice.”

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